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WELYEME Cold Water Dye, Tie Dye Powder, Fabric Dye Powder for Clothes (Black)

WELYEME Cold Water Dye, Tie Dye Powder, Fabric Dye Powder for Clothes (Black)

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Introducing WELYEME, the ultimate brand in tie-dye powder dyes. Our products are a blend of professional-grade quality, vibrant hues, and eco-friendliness, making them ideal for cotton, linen, and other plant-based fabrics. With a palette of stunning colors and easy-to-use formulations, our dyes cater to both amateurs and seasoned tie-dye artists. At WELYEME, we pride ourselves on our sustainability commitment, and all our dyes are crafted from environmentally friendly ingredients that are devoid of harmful chemicals. Experience the magic of WELYEME and revel in the professional quality, long-lasting effects, and eco-friendliness of our tie-dye powder dyes.

  • Cold Water Dyes: Our tie-dye powder are permanent. Each bottle has 6.4 oz (180 g) of dye powder.
  • Trainer for Inspiration and Creativity: Use your inspiration to the fullest to tie-dye T-shirts, sportswear, canvas shoes, socks, bedding, etc.
  • Safe and Harmless: All dyes are non-toxic, acid-free and suitable for all ages. Allows you to share a fun time dyeing with your friends without worrying about safety. Dyes are also machine washable safely and colors stay vibrant.
  • Vibrant Dyes: Natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool and rayon, can take full advantage of the colors on tie-dye kits.
  • Professional: A more professional supplier of dye powders, better dye refills, and a better selection.
Color Black
Item Weight 180 Grams
Item Form Powder
Compatible Material Cotton
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